Home Discounts Available:

  • Account Discount
  • New Home Discount
  • Mature Homeowners Credit
  • Green Discount
  • Alarm Credit
  • Renewal Credit
  • and more...

On home, we are offering the state's most successful/largest market share home insurer


  • Up to $5 million umbrellas (higher with special markets)
  • Difficult risks under certain con-ditions (dogs, trampolines, horses
    for personal use, etc.)
  • No wind penalty in Middlesex County
  • Co-occupant coverage for non-married available

Other Property Liability -- Business Owners, Master Condo, Condo, Rental Properties, Vacation Homes, Tenant/Renters, and Personal Umbrellas (including stand alone jewelry and umbrellas).

For the largest homes needing extensive coverage and higher liability limits, we have insurers as well.

We can help determine the insurable amount for a home via web application.